Our Services

In order to adopt and adhere strictly to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in dispensing gas to consumers, Oke-Ogun Gas Limited runs and operates automatic digital Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Bottling Plant. This is to ensure the safety of staffs, end-users and environment.


Bottling of LPG Cylinders

In move to deepen the adoption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Oke-Ogun region, the cylinders are filled with automatic LPG filling system at Oke-Ogun gas plant and distributed for sales to all our retail outlets across the region.

The automatic filling system ensures that the cylinders are safe, secure and effective it also enables our customers to get maximum value for their money.

Our Cylinders are of high standard in compliance with Standard Organization of Nigeria and are available in different sizes ranging from 6KG - 50KG


LPG Cylinder Refill and Exchange

Oke-Ogun Gas refill initiative allows our registered customers to visit any of our outlets and exchange an empty cylinder with a filled cylinder. Our registered customers are the customers who have purchased our branded LPG cylinders. The purchase of our cylinder is a one-off transaction after which customers can easily exchange their empty cylinders for filled cylinders.

This initiative saves time and also guarantees the safety of the cylinders because the cylinders are regularly checked and serviced before filling.


Sales of Gas Cooking Accessories

At Oke-Ogun Gas Plant, we sell quality and affordable gas cooking accessories such as burner, gas stove, gas regulator, valves, hoses, pots etc.


Supply of Bulk LPG

We supply LPG to existing bulk purchasers for retail. We are also capable of delivering LPG to commercial users such as Small and Medium Scale Businesses.